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How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer


The recent stir on social media lead to many people asking, “ How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?” or “How do I sign up with Farmasi?”. Farmasi beauty products are an ongoing trend. Becoming a Farmasi distributor is a fairly new and fast-growing gig in the USA.

If you are looking to dig up some information on Farmasi or want to become a Farmasi influencer, you’ve come to the right place.

But before that, here is an overview of the topic we’ll discuss:

  • What is Farmasi?
  • How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?
  • Why become a Farmasi influencer?
  • How to earn money as a Farmasi influencer?
  • Perks of becoming a Farmasi influencer
  • How to become a Farmasi influencer in 6 steps?
  • Commonly asked questions about Farmasi
  • Still not sure about becoming a Farmasi influence


What Is Farmasi?

Turkey-based beauty and personal care brand “ Farmasi” has become quite popular over the years. Farmasi was launched by Dr. Cevdat Tuna in 2004. It is famous for providing a large variety of quality products at affordable prices.

Farmasi is a well-known cosmetic company that meets the beauty norms of Europe. It has been established in multiple countries over the past years. It was recently launched in the USA in 2019. Since then, it has been growing quickly because of its inexpensive high-quality products. Farmasi provides services in the following categories:

Are you looking for gigs to earn some extra money? If yes, then signing up with Farmasi might be a great option for you. Their affiliate program is perfect for bloggers, social media influencers, and YouTubers. They pay high commissions to their influencers. What if you are not an influencer? Don’t worry, you can still earn money with Farmasi.

See Benefits of becoming a farmasi influencer for makeup artists, salon owners and everyone! 

Why Become a Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

A direct company goes through a few growth stages after establishment that is:

  • Formulation
  • Concentration
  • Momentum
  • Stabilization

You may want to know when the best time is to sign up with a company. The answer is when the company is in its momentum phase. I am not saying you cannot make profits from a company that is in the stabilization phase. It is just that you can make a lot more money during the momentum phase.

Momentum is when a company goes through massive growth. It mostly lasts for a year or two before going into the stabilization phase.

Farmasi is in Momentum

This google trends graph is proof that Farmasi is in the Momentum phase:

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

Impressive, right? If you are an Social Media Influencer, you would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity. But what are the perks of becoming a Farmasi beauty influencer? How can you profit from it? What much money can you make from it?

How To Earn Money With Farmasi?

3 Simple Ways:

  1. Sell Online
  2. Sell Direct
  3. Recruit New Influencers

Read below for more details.

Sell Online – No Inventory – 50% Commission 

You don’t need an inventory if you sign up with Farmasi. With most direct sales companies, you need to purchase a small or large amount of products with some discounts to sell it and earn profit. With Farmasi, you don’t need to own an inventory to become an influencer. You also don’t need to worry about buy, packing, and lastly shipping products whenever an order is placed. Your orders are sold online and shipped to the customer’s address directly.

You will earn 50% of the retail price! This is the fastest, and easiest way for your customers to receive their product. It allows you to operate your business with zero out of pocket cost!

For example, when your costumer places an order of $100 you will earn $50.

You could also earn up to 25% additional on top of the 50%, depends on your selling volume during the month, see below more details by the compensation plan details.

Sell Direct – Buy Inventory (Optional)

If you do want to sell Farmasi products in person, There is an option to buy inventory for 50% off retail price and sell it for a 50% Profit.

You could sell farmasi to friends family and neighbors from your home, Office, Farmasi Parties, and Shopping expos and outlets.

Retail Profit is 50% of the suggested retail price.

For example, if you purchase products from FARMASI for $50 wholesale and sell it to a customer for the suggested retail price on the website of $100, your Retail Profit is $50.

You could also buy your makeup for personal use 50% off retail price. (Once you sign up all products will be instantly 50% off retail price no code needed)

Recruit New Influencers (Optional)

You could earn a percent of your downline sales if you recruit new influencers, this is totally optional and not required.

see below more details by the compensation plan details.

Initial Investment of $19.99 only 

What if I tell you, you can start a business with 19.99 dollars only, would you believe?  The idea will sound incredible but let me tell you, you can become a Farmasi beauty influencer with just a onetime $19.99 investment.

Most direct sales companies require a large investment to sign up with them plus monthly maintenance fees. However, Farmasi makes it quite easy for you to start a business with its unbelievably low investment cost and NO maintenance fee.

Clean formulation

Who doesn’t like quality makeup?  Farmasi has been manufacturing for years so they know what they are doing. Farmasi is known for its quality makeup at reasonable prices. Farmasi products are per European beauty standards. According to European law, many harmful chemicals are banned which are still present in many USA beauty products.

Product Pricing:

Farmasi products are inexpensive and high-quality. They have a few hundred products available in the USA. Most of the product prices are in the range of $20. The most expensive products which are some high-end serums are in the range of $50.

Here are a few Farmasi products prices before Influencer and after Influencer discount:

Cream Powder Foundation: Before Discount – $12.90 \$29.90 After Discount – $6.45 \$14.95

Liquid lipstick:  Before Discount $13.90\ $19.00 After Discount – $6.95\$9.50

BB and CC cream: Before Discount $18.90 \$19.90 After Discount – $9.45 \$9.95

Farmasi Compensation Plan

Regardless of your goal to supplement your income or make FARMASI your full time career, Farmasi is committed to helping you earn as quickly as possible. With our unique compensation plan, thousands of people, just like you, have been able to earn additional income, to create the career and lifestyle of their dreams.


All commissions and bonuses are calculated based on the performance of you and your team in a calendar month.

1- Online Commissions

Reaching your customers is easier than ever with FARMASI. All you have to do is share your personal website Link with them. They do the shopping; and Farmasi does the shipping! It’s that easy!

For Example My website link is

When you sign up on farmasi you will get your own website link by default it will be the 1st and last name you have signed up but you could change it any time in your back office.

You will also have an option to customize your website welcome with your own message, pictures and your social media links.

You will earn 50% of the retail price! This is the fastest, and easiest way for your customers to receive their product. It allows you to operate your business with zero out of pocket cost!

For example when your costumer places an order of $100 you will earn $50 (and 50 pv in your pv volume).

Also remember to tell your costumers That Farmasi has free shipping for online costumers for orders over $75. (Beauty Influencers do not have free shipping).

Farmasi stands out from other direct selling makeup and skincare brands with their user friendly and latest technology website making it super easy to sell and recruit new customers without any out-of-pocket cost!

2- Retail Profit

Earn Retail Profits when you sell FARMASI products directly to your retail customers.

You could sell Farmasi to friends family and neighbors from your home, Office, Farmasi Parties, and Shopping expos and outlets.

Retail Profit is 50% of the suggested retail price.

For example, if you purchase products from FARMASI for $50 wholesale and sell it to a customer for the suggested retail price on the website of $100, your Retail Profit is $50. In addition, you earn Personal Volume (PV) with every purchase. In the example above you will earn 50pv.

Pro Tip: When you sell farmasi in person from your home, Office, Farmasi Parties, or Shopping expos and outlets, Make sure to sign up all your new costumers on your Farmasi website as your costumers so when they do want to reorder they could order online and you will make the 50% Profit!

3- Welcome Bonus

Farmasi makes starting your FARMASI business even sweeter with their Welcome Program. During your first four months as a Beauty Influencer, you can qualify to earn additional products and cash, on top of your commissions or bonuses, by achieving the required Personal Volume (PV) for each month. See chart below

4- Personal Bonus

Earn up to 25% bonus on your Personal Volume (PV). See chart Bellow of Bonus Level. Levels are combined your pv and gv together.

Lets first make an example if your only selling Farmasi and not recruiting new Farmasi Influencers.

In the month of January you have sold Goods in worth of $4,800 So you earned $2,400 and you have 2400pv so your bonus level is 18% ,so you will earn additional Bonus of 2400 that is $432 so your total earnings for the month of January will be $2,832. The Bonus percent goes up to 25% so you could earn 50% plus additional up to 25%!!

Remember to earn the 1st 50% you don’t need to archive any level, even you only have one $10 order a month you will earn $5.

If you do recruit new influencer and let’s, say you have 2400PV AND 7000 GV (Group Volume) you qualify to receive a Personal Bonus of 25% on your PV, which is $600 USD.

Until this point, we discussed what you could earn with Farmasi If you just want to sell Farmasi to costumers, Now will discuss Additional earnings if you do recruit new Influencers and you grow your team.

5- Team Building Bonus

For each BI you personally sponsor, you can earn a cash bonus when they achieve the first month of the Welcome Program.

To earn the Monthly Team Building Bonus, your newly sponsored BI must achieve 75 PV in a calendar month during their first month. If they can’t do this, this time period is extended until the last day of the following calendar month although their efforts reset to zero at the beginning of that month. This is the only time a BI granted an extension to achieve goals.

1 New Recruit with 75 PV $15.

2 new recruits with 75 PV $35.

3 new recruits with 75 PV $60.

From 3 and up additional $20 for every recruit.

6- Group Bonus

Group Bonus can be earned on every Beauty Influencer you personally sponsor.

The amount you earn is based on the difference between your own Bonus Level and the Bonus Level of your frontline Beauty Influencer(s).

You will earn your bonus level minus your sponsors bonus level for example


Personal Volume (PV) = 200 Group Volume (GV) = 5,600 Bonus Level = 25%


Personal Volume (PV) = 200 Group Volume (GV) = 2,000 Bonus Level = 15%

You will earn 10% of Emily (25 – 15 = 10%)

So, its 2000GV x 10% = $200

See chart below for more examples

7- Leadership Bonus

This bonus is more complicated, but you don’t need to understand right away its more for advanced influencers but lets discuss it in short.

Titles are achieved by fulfilling each of the qualifications of that title. Once you achieve the title of Manager or above, you are now eligible to earn a Leadership Bonus. Each title has different qualification requirements and are explained below.

Legs are the number of frontline BIs who achieved a 25% Bonus Level.

Side Points are calculated by subtracting the Group Volume (GV) of all 25% Bonus Level BIs in your frontline and subtracting the GV of an additional BI in your 1st Generation that has greatest GV out of all other 22% or 18% Bonus Level BIs, if any, from your own Group Volume (GV).

Title Points are earned based on the title of each of your frontline Beauty Influencers. For example, if you have a frontline Director
(1 point) and a Platinum Manager (3 points) you will have 4 Title Points. You earn title points from your frontline legs based on
their titles shown here.

Note: You begin to earn Title Points at Diamond Manager and above. Your Title Points from a single frontline leg cannot be greater than the Title Point value assigned to your current title. For example, if your title is Diamond Director (12 points), and your frontline leg is a Vice President Director (16 points), you will only earn 12 points for this frontline leg.

When you achieve the title of Manager with 5,000 GV or more and meet the 1,500 Side Points requirement, you are eligible to earn the Leadership Bonus.

Based on your title, you can earn the Leadership Bonus on up to six generations who have a Bonus Level of 25%, 22%, and 18%. The objective of this bonus is to encourage you to develop large groups throughout all generations of your team. The contributing volumes of the 25%, 22%, and 18% Bonus Level BIs in your team are important contributors to this bonus. These are added together to create your Leadership Group Volume.


The total Group Volume (GV) of your frontline 25%, 22% and 18% Bonus Level Beauty Influencers combined.

 For example, if you are a Director and meet the Side Points requirement of 1,500 you are eligible to earn the Leadership Bonus. As Director, you earn through your fourth generations.

  • 4% from the 1st generation
  • 3% from the 2nd generation
  • 2% from the 3rd generation
  • 1.5% from the 4th generation

In this case, Director would earn the following bonuses:

1st Generation Leadership Bonus: You earn 4% of the difference between the LGV in your 1st generation and the LGV in your 2nd generation.

2nd Generation Leadership Bonus: You earn 3% of the difference between the LGV in your 2nd generation and the LGV in your 3rd generation.

3rd Generation Leadership Bonus: You earn 2% of the difference between the LGV in your 3rd generation and the LGV in your 4th generation.

4th Generation Leadership Bonus: You earn 1.5% of the difference between the LGV in your 4th generation and the LGV in your 5th generation.

Then you add these totals to get your total Leadership Bonus.

8- Cash Bonus

When you achieve the official Director title, you are eligible to receive a one-time Cash Bonus up to $250,000 (A Quarter Million Dollars!) See chart bellow.

To reach director you hit a manager title and you maintain your qualifications for three consecutive months, you are promoted to Director. This promotion opens your earning potential up to the top rewards in the company.

9- Car Bonus

When you achieve the title of Golden Director, you will be awarded a monthly Car Allowance. As your title increases, the size of your monthly allowance earned increases. The amount is not going direct to a car its additional cash you earn every month you could use it for car expense or anything else. See chart below.

10- Farmasi Trip

When You Achive Golden Director and above for the first time, you’ll be invited
to travel to breath-taking destinations around the world.

Step By Step How To Sign Up On Farmasi

Option 1: sign up now in the box bellow

Or go to the farmasi website and follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Open the USA Farmasi website

To get started, you need to open the Farmasi website.

Step 2: Fill out your Personal information

Fill out the form and write down all personal information asked.

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

Step 3: Confirm your sponsor name

Please Make Sure that you see my sponsor name  Shia Gluck Thanks!

The nickname is the name that you want for your personal Farmasi website, most of the people will use their name (you could always update later), name  For example My is Shiagluck, so my Farmasi link looks like this

Step 5: Select your starter kit

Your investment cost is $19.99 dollar and is a one-timer. This will include a starter kit that has samples and catalogs.

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer

The Starter Kit Includes:



Other than this starter kit, you can purchase other kits provided by Farmasi. Noted that they are only available at the time of signup. These kits are sold at more than a 50% discount during sign-up. These include kits of $75 $125,  This Kits are Optional

If I were to purchase a kit, I would definitely go with one of the kits bellow. This kits has many products and samples for you to use and is worth the price. If you want to sell a product to other people and want to know the quality of the brand, this kits will give you enough samples to know your product.

Step 5: Welcome to Farmasi

After selecting your kits, and adding any other products you want to buy, you can proceed to shipping and payment. After that, you are completely done.

Finally, you are a Farmasi beauty influencer!


Farmasi FAQ

Q: Do I need to have inventory?

A: As mentioned above the answer is No, You could sell by Sharing your website link to your family and friends and sign them up as a costumer under you and earn 50% of all their orders. However, you could buy Farmasi products for 50% Off Retail Price (As mentioned above once you have signed up as an influencer all the products on Farmasi are automatically marked 50% Off retail price) and resell it for a 50% Profit. If you sell Farmasi from your home, office, etc. It’s a good idea to sign up that costumer under you on Farmasi So when the costumer wants to reorder, They could do it them self-online and you will earn 50%.

Q: When I am an influencer am I allowed to buy my personal Makeup for the 50% off price?

A: Yes, Once you’re a influencer you could buy all your personal products for the discounted price.

Q: I am already selling for other direct selling Makeup brands Could I sell Farmasi as well?

A: Farmasi Policy 3.12 Section C Compliance Update: As a new sign up, you may be a part of a competing company for the first 90 Days from your original registration date. After the 90-Day period you must provide Proof of resignation from that competing company to

Please make sure to check the compliance restrictions from the company you’re working now with as well.

Q: Is there any minimum amount that I need to sell in order to earn 50%?

A: NO, you will always earn 50% of your sales, even you have 1 sale of $10 a month you will earn $5 on that month.

For other bonuses like Personal Bonus, Group Bonus etc. You must have a minimum of 125 pv the current month

Q: What does PV stand for?

A: PV stands for Personal Volume, For example When your costumer make an order of $80 you will earn $40 and your PV will be 40, lets say  you order yourself an order of $85 you will get another 85pv (because your order of $85 is already 50% discounted from retail price the full amount will count as pv) together its 125pv.

Q: What does GV stand for?

A: GV stands for Group Volume, for those who are building a team of influencers the GV will be the influencers in your team Gv and your Pv combined. For example: You have the current month 800pv and all your influencers gv together is 6400 your gv will be 7200GV.

Q: Do I need to maintain any number of sales to retain a Farmasi Influencer?

A: Yes you need to have at least 125PV every 6 months, if you fail you will need to sign up again and pay the initial Signup fee.

Q: Is there any monthly Fee?

A: No, just a onetime signup fee of $19.99.

Q: Why does Farmasi ask for my SSN, TIN, Or EIN Number When I sign up?

A: This is for tax reasons, every year you will receive a 1099 from Farmasi of your yearly earnings that you need to file in your tax returns.

Q: Is Farmasi A MLM or pyramid scheme

A: No, Farmasi is not a pyramid scheme.

If you become a beauty consultant with the company, you are encouraged to sell and promote the products that Farmasi offers.

In fact, with a massive 50% commission on anything you sell, it’s certainly possible to make decent money just from selling Farmasi’s products.

When we always hear about the scary word pyramid scheme its usually a company not selling any product or service and the only way to earn money is just to recruit more people into the company.

However you could earn with Farmasi In addition as MLM as well and recruit new sellers (Friends, Family Famous Figures,  new graduate girls etc.) and earn more BUT THIS IS TOTAL OPTIONAL AND NOT REQUIRED AT ALL.

In Fact A lot of makeup companies are running as a direct selling company due to the nature of cosmetics products are more likely to be bought when someone gets referred of someone.

Q: When will I get Paid?

A: Every 10th of the month you will get paid for the previous month for example: On Feb 10 You will get paid for the month of January. You will receive your money in your Farmasi wallet from there you could anytime transfer it to your GPG Account (you will create a GPG account from your Farmasi Back Office) and from your account you could transfer it to your bank account, Credit card Etc.

Q: Why are Farmasi Beauty influencers paid so much?

A: Farmasi does not have any traditional retail shops. Beauty influencers promote the farmasi products and do most of the selling. Farmasi is dependent on their independent contractor “Influencer” for their sales and promotion.

This saves a lot of unnecessary expenses on stuff like opening stores, advertising, keep them updated and hiring an HR team, etc.

The profit is given to people who actually deserve it rather than wasting it on useless expenses.

Q: Can you repurchase samples?

A: Yes, you can. The Farmasi kit comes with many amazing samples. If you want more, just search up “Sample” on the website. You will be able to see many shampoos, face masks, foundation, mini lipstick, and cream samples.

Q: Could i first sign up as a Farmasi costumer and and upgrade later on to become a influencer?

A: Yes You could sign up as a costumer and upgrade any time to become a influencer.

Q: Do i need to calculate the commissions my self?

A: No, Farmasi will do all calculations, You will be able to see every month a detailed report from all your earnings.

Q: I want to recruit new Farmasi influencers could i share this post with potential Influencers?

A: Yes If you have signed up under me as an influencer you could use this post to share with your potential influencers, just make sure to give them your website link to sign up and tell them not sign up through my link here.

Still Not Sure? Become A Farmasi Costumer For Free 

If you still not sure about becoming a part of the affiliate program of Farmasi, it is nothing to worry about. You can always continue to Sign Up as a customer. As a customer, you will be able to buy and try out Farmasi’s high-quality Products at affordable prices. And Upgrade Later to become A Farmasi Influencer.

Sign Up Now as a Farmasi Costumer and receive alerts of sales, promotions, new products and more!


Shop Now By Category.


“They are seriously Sephora Quality at Target Prices”

Face Makeup Eye Makeup Lips Makeup Acne Care


Dry Skin Ageing Hair Care Fragrance

Thank You! Shia Gluck Farmasi Representative Code Number 0909842

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